SAO news portal optimised for smart devices

2018-11-06 08:10   |   Author: Rácz Péter

The articles and media content of the SAO news portal are now available in a user-friendly version on smart devices, i.e. mobile phones and tablets as well. With this development, the most visited website of the SAO has reached a new level. And it was indeed necessary, as generations Y and Z account for over 60 percent of the readers of the SAO news portal, and they typically use smart devices. We are planning to reach out to them even more in the future, possibly by developing a mobile application.

The State Audit Office of Hungary strives to use digital devices in all its activities. President of the SAO László Domokos described the 2017 activities of the SAO in the National Assembly and said that meeting the challenges of digitisation and using the renewed IT environment were always among our priorities.


It is not a coincidence that a recent representative study by a major polling firm has also revealed that in the past three years the proportion of people familiar with the State Audit Office of Hungary and its activities has significantly increased in Hungary, and an increasing part of the public trusts the SAO’s findings. These results are partly due to the efforts the SAO takes to continuously improve its online platforms and websites and to make use of digital achievements.


The SAO news portal, now available in four languages and created by an editorial staff 400 strong, has seen a number of internal and external developments over the years. As over 2000 articles are published here annually, the news portal ensures the full transparency of the SAO. Articles on utilisation provide details on the outstanding reach of the infographics about the key findings of our reports, the launch of our press summaries with QR codes and the innovations on the YouTube channel of the SAO.


At the service of the citizens, with ongoing development


The admin platform of the news portal has become even more user-friendly, and the visual appearance has changed considerably: The website is now more informative and easier to navigate for the public and for the press. Since the launch of the news portal in 2010, the number of visitors has multiplied, the articles have been included in major news aggregation sites, and the SAO is opening up towards social media as well.



“When social media is used [...], cooperation with the citizens and with Hungarian and international organisations can improve and become important, which may facilitate innovation, create values and contribute to good governance,” says a study on international trends in communication, published by the SAO on 2014.


SAO news portal articles in social media


Although only the Public Finance Quarterly Online has a Facebook page, we use this platform to share the articles of the finance journal, the materials of the Financial Awareness Project and the Weekly Newscasts of the SAO news portal, and we also publish the open positions of the State Audit Office of Hungary here. According to statistics by Google Analytics, 6 percent of our increasing audience arrive at the website from the largest social media site, which is quite an achievement given that the majority of the links in the posts do not lead to the news portal. Probably the reason is that our readers share our articles on Facebook.



What does the smart device optimised platform have to offer?


Every function of the desktop version of the SAO news portal is available on the newly smart device optimised page, naturally in a somewhat different layout. The Menu button is between the logo and the language switcher, and when you touch it, the top and bottom menu of the original website appears, merged into one, on a dark blue background on the left. The colour scheme of the Search function is inverted to make it stand out. As you scroll down the home page, you see the automatically updated “Latest news”, followed by “Top news” in the Hungarian version.



The SAO news portal has been optimised for mobiles and tablets as well


In the Hungarian version, there are 5 articles in the “More news” section, the meaning of the “All news” item is obvious. In the international versions, there are 5 articles on the home page and 10 on the paginated pages. We placed special emphasis on media content: Just like infographics, pictures and videos in the articles adapt to the resolution of the screen. Pictures and YouTube videos are available in the split Gallery menu in the Hungarian version.


Mobile application to reach out to young generations


The SAO news portal is the most read among the 25-34 age group, this year they accounted for 33.5 percent of our users. The 18-24 age group comes close, with 27.5 percent. If we add up these two rather high figures, we see that it is over 60 percent of our readers.


Generations Y and Z are by far the most confident to use smart devices in every area of life. The latter one, generation Z, receives an increasing amount of information as communication devices improve and become faster, and they process this information in a different way. “Digital natives” also think differently from previous generations, so it is vital that we talk their language and reach them on the platforms they use.


Ákos Radócz
Department of Communication and Public Relations