Reaching a milestone: outcomes of the ICS meeting

2018-09-28 17:00:00   |   Author: Pályi Katalin Ágnes

Participants reached a consensus at the meeting of the INTOSAI Subcommittee on Internal Control Standards (ICS) held on 27-28 September 2018, thus the finalized project proposal concerning the new INTOSAI Framework on Professional Pronouncements (IFPP) will be soon submitted. The project is aimed at providing clear guidance for SAIs on using internal audit recources as well as on relying on internal audit work. 

All the recommendations made by the Forum on INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP) were extensively discussed and approved on the closing day of the meeting. Reaching this important milestone, the Subcommittee will finalize the project proposal and send it to FIPP for formal approval.

After reaching this milestone, an interesting presentation was given by Mrs Barbara Dutzler on assessment of public financial management system developed by the German institute GIZ. She also explained, that the system focuses on the root cause of underperformance such as risks concerning the legal framework, organisational structure or human resources among others.



In the afternoon, participants worked in groups and gained some practical knowledge on the approach based on information science, which, as stated by representative of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland, can also support standard setting process. After summarizing the outcomes of the meeting, Mr Paweł Banaś thanked for the contribution of all participants.


Katalin Palyi