International training on the PMF has ended

2018-10-06 08:00:00   |   Author: Takaró Rita

During the international training on the Performance Measurement Framework of Supreme Audit Institutions, the participants informed about the essence, benefits and limitations of the application of the SAI PMF.

Representative of the SAO is taking part in an international training on the Performance Measurement Framework of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI PMF) organized by the IDI, the INTOSAI Development Initiative.

The SAI PMF provides Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) with a framework for voluntary assessments of their performance against the International Standards for Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs) and other established international good practices for external public auditing. The SAI PMF is a universal framework that enables the high profile overview of SAIs performance and can facilitate the measurement and monitoring of performance.

The SAI PMF aspires to assess SAI contribution towards strengthened accountability, transparency and integrity. It gives SAIs an opportunity to become model organizations, leading by example in promoting transparency and accountability through credible public reporting on their own performance.

The SAI PMF is intended to be used to establish how well an SAI performs compared to international good practice and ISSAIs, as well as to identify its strengths and weaknesses. The assessment should be evidence based. A SAI PMF assessment does not propose future reform recommendations; rather an assessment using the SAI PMF may be followed by a process to develop a SAI strategic plan, and/or identify and prioritise proposed capacity development initiatives. Use of the SAI PMF is voluntary.

One of the strategic objectives of the SAO is to monitor the changes in content and methodology of the professional activity pursued in the international audit organisations, and participate in professional workshops. The training provided an occasion for the mutual knowledge-sharing with the SAIs participated on the SAI PMF training.



Rita Takaró
Department of Strategic Planning