International training course on PMF

2018-10-02 11:00:00   |   Author: Takaró Rita

Representative of the State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) will participate in an international training course on Performance Measurement Framework of SAIs organized by the IDI, the INTOSAI Development Initiative. The training will give an introduction to the SAI PMF by which provides on opportunity for Supreme Audit Institutions to assess their performance.

International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) has adopted the Performance Measurement Framework of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI PMF) at the end of 2016. At this time, the SAI PMF Unit within INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) is the operational lead on SAI PMF support, coordination, and facilitation.

The SAI PMF provides Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) with a framework for voluntary assessments of their performance against the International Standards for Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs) and other established international good practices for external public auditing. The SAI PMF is a universal framework that enables the high profile overview of SAIs performance and can facilitate the measurement and monitoring of performance. Based on the intentions of those elaborating the framework the SAI PMF can be applied for self-assessment, peer review and external review.

The SAI PMF training organized by IDI will consist of two modules: a basic theoretical training course giving an introduction to the SAI PMF structure, methodology and the SAI PMF assessment process; and a workshop which provides technicalities for SAI PMF assessment.

One of the strategic objectives of the SAO is to monitor the changes in content and methodology of the professional activity pursued in the international audit organisations, and participate in professional workshops. The training can provide the SAO with useful knowledge about the method and considerations the SAI PMF represents for performance measurement and assessment.



Rita Takaró
Department of Strategic Planning