IDI SFC: Reading materials finalized

2018-07-26 15:05   |   Author: Dr. Vargha Bálint Tamás

In collaboration with participating experts from the SAO of Hungary the international working group has prepared the core reading materials of the eCourse.

On the five day long workshop nine experts from Argentina, South Africa, USA, Hungary Thailand, Tunesia, have started to develop an eCourse, that will help SAIs in developing countries to assess the strength of their ethical infrastructure.


Resource persons from the SAO of Hungary have developed introductory parts of the reading materials and relevant chapters of “supportive context and culture”. Among this latter the material lays emphasis on explaining an adequate system of whistleblowing, that is conducive for staff to raise ethical infringements.



Further course materials will be delivered till late October in order to enable launching the course modules this year. Assessment of SAI compliance with ethical standards will be conducted in 2019 by participants.



The eCourse has been launched by INTOSAI International Development Initiative to assist SAIs from developing countries to become leaders by example on the field of ethics. The online course runs on a platform especially designed for this purpose: IDI Learning Management System. IDI LMS assures for the use of a wide variety of learning tools inter alia videos, webinars, istring ppts, chatrooms, quiz.

Since 2015 SAO provides both financial and in kind contribution to IDI SFC, also attaching resource persons from SAO into the program.

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Bálint Vargha