IDI e-course: ready to launch

2018-11-14 13:13   |   Author: Dr. Vargha Bálint Tamás

INTOSAI Development Initiative’s e-course developed with the participation of experts of the SAO will start on the 15th November. SAO mentors will also contribute in mentoring the thirty-eight participants of SAIs from developing countries during the 4 weeks of the course. The e-course aims to strengthen SAIs as exemplary ethical institutions

There is one requirement being equally important for each Supreme Audit Institution around the globe: to fulfil their tasks in an impartial and unbiased manner. To articulate and put into effect this ethical standard is primarily the task of SAIs themselves. In helping this ISSAI 30 is the international standard - articulated by the international community of SAIs - that sets out the fundamental principles for the ethical infrastructure of SAIs.

Therefore IDI has developed an e-course - with the contribution of two experts of SAO - that aims to assist SAIs in interpreting and better implementing ISSAI 30.


Since 2015 SAO has committed itself to provide financial and professional support for IDI. As part of this support SAO attached his experts into IDI programme SAIs Fighting Corruption. The online course will last till 15 December consisting of 4 Modules. It will be delivered on a special platform (IDI LMS) developed for this purpose, where ppt-s, videos, video call and chatroom enables participants to gain real time course access. By the end of the e-course particpants will be able to assess the robustness of the ethical infrastructure of their respective SAIs. This self assessment will take place in 2019.


SAOs participation in this e-course further strengthens the alliance between SAO of Hungary and IDI, founded on a common engagement in creating an integrity based institutional environment.

Bálint Vargha
auditor counsellor