Focusing on cooperation: international workshop on integrity

2018-08-29 15:55   |   Author: Pályi Katalin Ágnes
Last updated: 2018-11-14 16:36

The aim of the international project led by the State Audit Office of Hungary is to spread and enhance Integrity Culture among member countries of the EUROSAI. Project achievements are to be evaluated at the conference and workshop on 2 October 2018, whrere participants will discuss all the integrity-related goals, initiations as well as experiences and good practices of member SAIs.

The main goal of the project named „The role of SAI sin Spreading Integrity Culture” is to enhance the sharing of integrity-related knowledge as well as of experiences among participating member countries (Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Croatia, Macedonia, Portugal and Ukraine). Lots of integrity materials are uploaded and shared by project members at the on-line marketplace (VIBE) specifically designed for this purpose. However, not only member SAIs can access all the gathered information and shared documents, since after registering VIBE is also available for further non-member SAIs interested in integrity.



In accordance with the openness of the working group these non-member SAIs are also invited to the event where considering the pre-registrations have been made representatives of eight countries are expected to participate beside colleagues of the SAO (see on the map). Participants will discuss integrity-related initiations and experiences of SAIs together based on collaborative presentations focusing on challenges in adaptation process of integrity related “good practices” of others.


Bettina Martus

project leader


Katalin Palyi

project member