Focus on VAT fraud in Krynica

2018-09-05 17:45   |   Author: Dr. Simon József

The 28th Economic Forum started in Krynica. The main focus of the 2018 Economic Forum is "A Europe of Common Values or a Europe of Common Interest". Within the Economic Forum, a number of plenary sessions, sections and lectures are held. The agenda for the first day of the Economic Forum includes the VAT Fraud section for the representatives of the supreme audit institutions.

The board of the 28th Economic Forum in Krynica is expected to host approximately 4000 participants, coming from Europe, Asia, the United States and the Middle East. During the three days of the international event, six plenary sessions, panel discussions or lectures, numerous workshops and roundtables, and national and regional presentations will be held on a variety of topics.


During the afternoon of the first day of the Economic Forum, the plenary session took place. In this context, leading politicians and experts presented their views on the development opportunities of the European economy and its major obstacles.



The afternoon of the first day of the Economic Forum will include the presentation by the chairman of the Polish Supreme Audit Office, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski. During the presentation, the chairman of the Polish Supreme Audit Office highlighted the role of VAT revenues in the Polish budget, the main changes by the VAT tax in the past few years, the striving elements of VAT fraud and their budgetary implications. These experiences may also be useful for the Hungarian tax system and budget.


When closing the session, the participants shared their thoughts and made their methodological and practical questions.

Dr. József Simon
audit manager