EURORAI 2018: Audit methodology of Tatarstan

2018-11-18 23:15   |   Author: Kormány Gergely Zsolt

Azat Valeev, Auditor of the Accounts chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia, gave a presentation entitled “Audit of companies with state participation: the experience of the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan“, at the EURORAI Seminar, organised by SAO of Hungary, in Székesfehérvár. In his speech, he introduced the audit methodologies and experiences of state owned enterprises of the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia from the planning to the utilisation of the audit reports.


At the beginning of his presentation Azat Valeev listed the types of the audited organisations with state participation, the objects of the audits and introduced the roles of the Accounts Chamber.
Valeev pointed out that the base of the annual audit plan in his country, is the result of the risk assessment estimating the performance of state owned companies. The main information sources for the assessments are the financial statements, the results of previous audits and reports in the mass media. Considering the above, the focus of audits were on state technological parks in the current year.



The representative of Tatarstan referred in his presentation also to some important equipment, which support the audits of the state unitary enterprises and joint-stock companies with state (municipal) share.


First of those is guidelines - methodological recommendations on conducting such audits. The guidelines include the three most important areas of audits (economy, efficiency and effectiveness), the most often used integrated audit approach (which combines financial audit, compliance audit and performance audit) and formulate 120 evaluation criteria also. Some examples of the special forms and tables (audit tests) applied were also presented in the presentation.

The information systems compile the second important group of the equipment, which help collecting and analysing data from the audit, and provide information on court practices, trends and risks in the performance of the state owned enterprises.



The third major “equipment” presented is the Interdepartmental Coordinating Board which consists of federal and republican bodies authorized to conduct the audit and supervision in the budget sphere. This Board is headed by the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan.


The Conclusions on the results of the analysis and systematization of violations and shortcomings are revealed by the Interdepartmental Coordinating Board every year. In this document, about 500 types of violations and shortcomings are summarized. The most typical violations and shortcomings are presented in one of the sections.


All methodological documents are posted on the website of the Accounts Chamber, publicly available and annually sent to ministries and municipalities for preventive purposes and supporting management decision. Similarly to the Hungarian practice, the all reports of the audit office are public.

Gergely Kormany