Ethics and integrity assessed on eCourse

2018-11-27 14:03   |   Author: Dr. Vargha Bálint Tamás

Attendees successfully accomplished the first two weeks of an INTOSAI Develoment Initiative eCourse supported by mentors of SAO of Hungary. The public trust for SAIs work is grounded in the fact that the organization and their staff will act in an unbiased and impartial manner in striving for the public good. The online course launched the 15th November 2018 aims to give a better understanding on these principles and their adaptation in the daily practice of SAIs.

The course is currently attended by 38 participants form 14 different SAIs using an online Learning Management System to acquire the knowledge on better implementing the ISSAI 30 standard on the code of ethics of SAIs.


During the second week of the course participants became acquainted with ethics in general as well as were faced with ethical dilemmas. This week’s modules also gave insight to the general structure and principles of ISSAI 30 and related requirements - both on the level of the organisation and the individual.



By the end of the two weeks attendees filled out an online quiz assessing their knowledge, and have prepared an assignment on analysing an ethical dilemma. This latter challenged them to identify the risk in the given situation as well as pinpointing the ISSAI 30 section that gives guidance in resolving it.

Mentors of SAO were in a constant and intense dialogue with course attendees through the electronic platform, and have also continuously given personalized feedback on course completion.


Bálint Vargha
Katalin Pályi