Weekly Newscast: Week 46

2018-11-16 11:00   |   Author: Kispéter Adél

Two new reports and one analysis were disclosed by the State Audit Office of Hungary this week. The SAO initiated the implementation of asset protection measures in two cases. László Domokos, the President of the SAO, spoke in the topic of state investments before the National Assembly. The managers of the SAO spoke about change management at the National University of Public Service; later on, the students of the higher education institution were allowed to get an insight into the integrity counselling activity of the SAO in its headquarters. Summaries were also published this week on the audit of campaign spending and the international comparison of the political parties' audit. Nearly fifty new articles were made available on the News Portal this week.

New reports: 2 audits were concluded


On Wednesday, the State Audit Office of Hungary has completed the audit of Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences, as the maintainer of certain institutions, in respect of the period between 2014 and 2016. According to the audit's findings, Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences had properly settled the support received from the central budget to fund its public education duties. However, the transparency of the use of public funds was not ensured in the scope of the maintenance of its public education institution.


On Thursday, the SAO closed the audit of financial and asset management activities of Eötvös Károly County Library in respect of years 2014-2016; the audit revealed several defects and deficiencies. Among others, the internal control system of the library did not ensure compliance with the requirements of transparent, accountable and controllable use of public funds.


New analysis: private funds in higher education


The State Audit Office of Hungary prepared an analysis concerning the effects of the involvement of private funds in the higher education sector, in particular, on the development of and experiences with the dual education system. The analysis, which was published on Friday, points out that the funding of the national higher education from the central budget had been continuously increasing while the number of students showed an opposite, decreasing trend; in the meantime, the private sectors funds had been declining both in volume and portion.


Measures initiated by the SAO to protect assets


The State Audit Office of Hungary initiated the suspension of the distribution of central budget support provided to Kőtelek Municipality and Via Vita Veritas Foundation. The reason for the SAO's initiation was the lack of the basic requirements of lawful financial management in the former case, and the failure to comply with cooperation obligation by the latter organisation.




Utilisation by the National Assembly: the President's presentation about state investments


By the acceptance of the related bill, the preparation and implementation of state investments may significantly improve - László Domokos, the President of the SAO, emphasised during a parliamentary debate concerning the bill on the implementation of the state's building construction investments on Wednesday evening.


Utilisation: the audit of campaign spending, change management presentation at NKE; integrity counsellors at the SAO


The SAO informed of the mandatory audit of campaign spending the public, the concerned candidates and campaign participant organisations several times. The requirements for transparency and accountability are to be applied to each organisation using public funds.


The executives of the SAO held a presentation in the subject 'Change management and decision-support processes' at the National University of Public Service (Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem, NKE). The presentation focused on the methods of adaptation to the constantly changing challenges of the surrounding environment, required from the economic and governmental bodies.


The students of NKE's integrity counsellor specialist training programme visited on Thursday the headquarters of the State Audit Office of Hungary to get an insight into the integrity counselling activities.




 International news: the audit of political parties; electronic training; iCISA training


The SAO published a detailed summary of the international comparison of political parties' audit. The electronic training, intended to prepare the participants for the evaluation of the ethical systems of the courts of auditors has been started on Thursday with the support of the SAO's experts. The 144th training of the iCISA was focusing on the International Audit (Financial Reporting) Standards (IAS and IFRS), used by business associations.


Financial awareness: public funds training; winter replacement of tyres; the SAO and the state


The Ambassadors of Financial Literacy participated in training again, to be able to set up programmes built around the topic of financial awareness. The tyres of cars are strongly advised to be replaced before the start of the winter season. The Financial Awareness Project published a spectacular video about the relationship between the state and the SAO.


Nearly fifty new articles on the SAO's News Portal in week 46


In order to ensure the transparency of its operation and the continuous supply of information to the general public, the SAO's various organisational units and audit staff published 45 new articles this week. In addition to the topics of the Weekly Newscast, the articles provide up-to-date information on the various stages of newly launched and ongoing audits and on the utilisation of audit work.


Péter Rácz
Ákos Radócz
Department of Communication and Public Relations