Cooperative audits in focus

2017-12-05 11:00:00   |   Author: Dr. Timár Balázs

EUROSAI is holding a seminar on 14-15 November 2017 with an aim to summarise and share experiences got in cooperative audits, performed by its member organisations. 62 delegates of 20 countries, representatives of European Court of Accounts (ECA) and the INTOSAI Development Initiative is taking part on the event.

After the opening speech of Mr. Miloslav Kala, the President of the Czech Court of Accounts the participants presented the main characteristics and special features of the cooperative auddits in which they had taken part.
At first, a video presentation made by the Court of Accounts of Peru was shown to the participants, how the cooperative audit on environmental liabilities had been prepared through application of ISSAI 5800 standards. It was followed by the presentation of the representative of the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) who displayed challenges of a cooperative audit, as a mechanism of capacity developement, and the delegate os European Court of Accounts who talked about - among other topics - the practical experiences of cooperation among member institutions.
Further on, the delegate of the Swedish, the Swiss, the Albanese, the Kazakh and the Slovak Court of Accounts held
presentations on cooperative audits performed under their coordination. As termination of the morning program,
delegate of the State Audit Office of Hungary showed the innovative methods through the execution of the
coordinated audit of the 'Operation of Graduates Career Tracking System'.

On the first day's afternoon workshops, split into three groups, the participants discussed the tasks to do,
emerging risks and measurements to avoid them in the subsequent phases (preparation, execution, reporting)
of cooperative audits.The result of the workshops will be presented by the moderators as group leaders
on the second day of the seminar.

Balazs Timar