Collaborative development of eCourseware

2018-07-20 09:39   |   Author: Dr. Vargha Bálint Tamás

A courseware aiming at strengthening SAIs compliance with ISSAI 30 is being developed in a collaborative manner by nine IDI mentors, two of them being experts attached into the programme by SAO of Hungary.


The eCourseware is designed to help the 30 participating auditors from 19 SAIs to conduct a self assessment on the robustness of the ethical infrastructure of its own SAIs. Based on the self assessment participants will prepare an action plan addressing the shortcomings of ISSAI 30 compliance.


The eCourseware will run on an online platform (IDI LMS) developed for IDI. Mentors did first get an oversight on the tools available in IDI LMS to be used in a course (creating a page, presentations, embedding multimedia, launching chatroom, polls and quizes).



Following this, based on the overall concept of ISSAI 30, and taken the structure as developed in the guidance, a brainstorming has determined the structure of the course material and course modules for the four week long eCourse.


Mentors did also agree that the Guidance - being a global public good accessible for all SAIs irrespective of their participation in the programme – will be further elaborated based on the experiences gained during the development of the eCourseware.


Erzsébet Németh

Audit Supervisor

Bálint Vargha

Auditor Counsellor