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2018-07-19 11:00   |   Author: Gergely Szabolcs

Public Finance Quarterly the professional periodical of public finances having more than fifty year tradition, up-to-date typographic design, a permanent structure of topics, criterions of publication in line with international scientific requirements and impact factor, includes in a single volume the Hungarian and English versions of the published writings yet again focuses on topics of public interest and in the mainstream of the economic trends. The editorial is awaiting for articles, analyses and studies that fit the focus of 2018.


The Editorial Committee of Public Finance Quarterly defined the focus topics of 2018.

Focus of 2018

1. The role and impact of trust on the functioning and sustainability of the state and the expectation of economics
2. Integrity risks and controls
3. The role of financial audit in the changing world and the creation, control and economic sustainability of a well-governed state
4. Economic sovereignty and global economic cohesion, centre and periphery. Demographic, social and economic impacts of migration
5. Impact analysis of recent economic policy measures
6. Measurement, measurability and dilemmas of the performance of socio-economic processes


Primarily, we publish in the periodical articles analysing monetary and fiscal policies from a theoretical or empirical point of view. Likewise, we welcome practical assessments, analyses on financial and accounting issues that were prepared by using Hungarian or international databanks. Articles presenting novelties in financial instruments, derivatives, accounting techniques or introducing how to calculate the yield and risk of financial investments, securities, loans or scrutinizing the development of financial sector (e.g. that of the Stock Exchange, money market) in a macroeconomic context are also well received.

The Editorial of Public Finance Quarterly welcomes articles, analyses and studies that fit the focus of 2018 in English language with the comment that publishes articles should meet the scientific requirements and pass proofread process also accept recommendations by editorial committee lectors. Accepted papers of national and international interest are translated to Hungarian and published in both languages in the same issue.

The Public Finance Quarterly is indexed and abstracted in the following scientific databases: Research Papers in Economics (RePEc), Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), EBSCO and MATARKA.

Please send your manuscript prepared in line with the guide to publishing available on the webpage of the periodical to the following e-mail address:


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Erzsébet Németh PhD
Editorial of Public Finance Quarterly