Auditing anti-corruption: mentors pre-meeting

2018-08-06 15:29   |   Author: Dr. Vargha Bálint Tamás

Reviewing sheets and materials assembled by the team of mentors to revise draft reports


SAIs participating in IDI SFCs cooperative audit have undertaken to evaluate the performance of the anti-corruption framework of their respective countries. To facilitate this, IDI has created an eLearning course and does also provide support through face to face meetings to creating an audit programme as well as the audit report. Participants have a plenary meeting to review their draft reports in the first two weeks of August 2018. Both in preparing and reviewing the draft reports, participants received professional support from mentors, attached in the programme by SAIs. IDI SFC audit component is supported by the SAO of Hungary by making vailable two expert auditors as mentors. The Hungarian mentors have closer auspice over the reports of Zambia and Albania.



On the first four days of the two weeks workshop aiming to review the draft reports mentors have laid down the general criteria for the assessment of the reports: such as the direct link of findings to audit questions, coherence of audit objective with audit conclusions.

As the cooperative audit has a focus on performance as per ISSAI 3000-3200, the assessment does also put special emphasis on this aspect. Besides an overall evaluation of anti corruption measures, audit reports do also assess anti-corruption controls within a chosen sector (extractive industries, procurements in healthcare) therefore these findings and recommendations of the report will also be dealt with by the mentors.


In the following ten days 18 public sector auditors from SAIs of AFROSAI-E, CAROSAI and EUROSAI will present their audit reports and adjust it based on the results of the reviewing process.

Bálint Vargha