Public interest information of the State Audit Office of Hungary

16. 01. 2019.
The State Audit Office of Hungary publishes the following public interest information – formatted into Sections – in connection with party political statements and media news attac...

The evaluation of the second EUROSAI Project group questionnaire

21. 12. 2018.
The main objective of the project group established by the SAO is to widen the scope of the social utilisation of the audit work and to establish the necessary conditions for the p...

Ethics and integrity assessed on eCourse

27. 11. 2018.
Attendees successfully accomplished the first two weeks of an INTOSAI Develoment Initiative eCourse supported by mentors of SAO of Hungary. The public trust for SAIs work is ground...

Utilisation of SAO questionnaire in anti-corruption UN survey

24. 11. 2018.
In the framework of international cooperation, the State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) and the State Audit Institution of the United Arab Emirates (UAE SAI) have developed a questi...

EURORAI 2018: Audit methodology of Tatarstan

18. 11. 2018.
Azat Valeev, Auditor of the Accounts chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia, gave a presentation entitled “Audit of companies with state participation: the experience of th...

IDI e-course: ready to launch

14. 11. 2018.
INTOSAI Development Initiative’s e-course developed with the participation of experts of the SAO will start on the 15th November. SAO mentors will also contribute in mentoring the ...

French solutions in auditing local government owned enterprises

12. 11. 2018.
External audit has revealed that the fairly complex system of controls applicable to enterprises owned by local governments can be further improved (France).

The Brexit conference ended

08. 11. 2018.
The Dutch State Audit Office organized a conference on the implications, risks and the SAO’s aspects of the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union. In the framework of the c...

Summary of the EURORAI Seminar held in Székesfehérvár

25. 10. 2018.
Audit experience acquired in auditing companies owned by local and regional authorities was the key focus of the autumn seminar of the European Organisation of Regional External Pu...

The EUROSAI Audit & Ethics Task Force Meeting Ended

24. 10. 2018.
The presentations held on Tuesday concluded the Annual Meeting of the EUROSAI Audit & Ethics Task Force, where several OECD specialists dealing with the integrity of the public sec...