Ethics and integrity assessed on eCourse

27. 11. 2018.
Attendees successfully accomplished the first two weeks of an INTOSAI Develoment Initiative eCourse supported by mentors of SAO of Hungary. The public trust for SAIs work is ground...

IDI e-course: ready to launch

14. 11. 2018.
INTOSAI Development Initiative’s e-course developed with the participation of experts of the SAO will start on the 15th November. SAO mentors will also contribute in mentoring the ...

Informing international stakeholders on SAO's Integrity Project

12. 11. 2018.
Project report published by SAO aims to inform foreign decision makers, stakeholders, and the scientific community on the achievements of Integrity Project and the utilization of E...

SAO news portal optimised for smart devices

06. 11. 2018.
The articles and media content of the SAO news portal are now available in a user-friendly version on smart devices, i.e. mobile phones and tablets as well. With this development, ...

Focusing on cooperation: international workshop on integrity

29. 08. 2018.
The aim of the international project led by the State Audit Office of Hungary is to spread and enhance Integrity Culture among member countries of the EUROSAI. Project achievements...

Multiple approaches, common method

15. 08. 2018.
On the review meeting of draft audit reports of IDI SAIs Fighting Corruption cooperative performance audit programme, the auditors of Albania, Cayman-Island, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, L...

Auditing anti-corruption: mentors pre-meeting

06. 08. 2018.
Reviewing sheets and materials assembled by the team of mentors to revise draft reports

Performance in anti-corruption: reviewing audit reports

31. 07. 2018.
IDI SAIs Fighting Corruption cooperative audit programme component will enter into a new stage in 2018 August. With the help of resource persons attached into the programme by SAO ...

IDI SFC: Reading materials finalized

26. 07. 2018.
In collaboration with participating experts from the SAO of Hungary the international working group has prepared the core reading materials of the eCourse.

Collaborative development of eCourseware

20. 07. 2018.
A courseware aiming at strengthening SAIs compliance with ISSAI 30 is being developed in a collaborative manner by nine IDI mentors, two of them being experts attached into the pro...